Annika Weertz (1991) grew up in the country side of North Rhine Westphalia - Germany. After graduating from school, she studied History, Public History and Journalism as well as Media Instruction Design in Gießen, Germany. 

The urge to express herself with a camera became inevitable in 2015. She started exploring her own view on the female body and its desexualisation in her series Scared of Girls. Her own idea of masculinity was part of a group exhibition in Berlin, organised by the art collective Curated by Girls in 2017. Since 2015, she has obsessively documented her romantic love life in the series Videotape. She has turned this series into a publication which is still to be released in 2018. 

Within her current work she connects life, sex and death. Her images allow the viewer to escape their own reality and dive into a dreamy and nostalgic atmosphere. Being influenced by the work of Nan Goldin, Ryan McGinley and Diane Arbus, her work aims to be authentic, honest and intimate. Mostly tender, always forthright. 

Currently based in Gießen, Germany.

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09/11 - 11/11/2018 @Kupferschmiede, Gießen

Hirn in Vase

15/06 - 15/09/2018 @Galerie23, Gießen

Cheap Shots Pops Up!

16/03/2018 @STU/FF, Los Angeles

New Masculinity

11/11 -12/11/2017 @Blender Studios with Curated By Girls, Berlin-Neukölln

Container Love 

20/09/ - 23/09/2017 @Reeperbahnfestival 2017, Hamburg

Scared Of Girls

23/06/2017 - 20/07/2017 @Anschlussverwendung, Gießen

Girl Gaze / A frame of Mind 

22 Oct 2016 - March 2017

The Annenberg Space for Photography | Skylight Studios, Los Angeles

Scared Of Girls

24/11/2016 - 27/11/2016 Spinner und Weber, Berlin Wedding

Art in Dream

January 2017

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